Z is for Zigzag

Z is for ZigzagI’ve seen so many comments and received so many emails from people saying “I’m going to be so sad when the A to Z ends.” Thank you for joining in and thank you for all your comments! I’ve had so much fun creating the A to Z, and to answer the question, “Will you be making this into book form?” the answer is most definitely “Yes!”.

Now to Z is for… Zigzag!

In the “olden days,” sewing machines had two stitches on them. Of course there was the straight stitch. And then there was the zigzag stitch.

ZigzagTo create a zigzag stitch:

  • the needle goes down on the left
  • the needle comes up and the machine moves forward
  • the needle goes down on the right
  • the needle comes up and the machine moves forward

The zigzag stitch used to be the decorative stitch of choice!

It’s also a very useful stitch:

  • Use a zigzag stitch instead of a straight stitch when you’re working with knits and stretchy fabrics. The zigzag allows the seam to stretch with the fabric.
  • Use a zigzag stitch to neaten the raw edge of a seam allowance. It will help to minimize fraying.
  • Use a zigzag stitch to baste. When it’s wide enough, you can run a seam ripper through all the stitches to make really fast work of removing them.
  • Use a zigzag stitch around your appliqué shapes when doing machine appliqué.
  • Use a zigzag stitch around a button hole.
  • Use a zigzag stitch for couching some chunky decorative threads.
  • Use a zigzag stitch underneath a satin stitch to give the satin stitch a good foundation (also called underlay). A satin stitch is a zigzag stitch that has a very short stitch length!

In the world of machine embroidered appliqué, a zigzag stitch is very useful for joining pieces of stabilizer together. If you need a piece of stabilizer that is wider than what you have on the roll, cut two pieces the correct length needed. Then overlap the edges by about 1/2″. Now stitch down the center of the overlap to join the pieces together. You won’t have any bulk (which you would get if you pieced the stabilizer together) and you won’t have to deal with the stickiness from using sticky tape.

Zigzag stitches can make a gorgeous fill stitch. I had a ton of fun playing with zigzag fills when creating the designs in the Petal Power 8i collection. (I’m sure someone will ask where they can find the zigzag fill in the BERNINA Embroidery Software… It’s a stitch that I created. That needs a whole other tutorial on how to do it!)

Closeup of the Petal Power 8i 5 Petal design

For the Petal Power 8i 5 Petal design, I used two overlapping zigzag stitch fills. The green zigzag stitches first, with even spacing and offset of 0. The purple zigzag stitches second, also with even spacing but with an offset of half the stitch width. The offset helps to create the secondary design where the green and purple zigzags overlap.

Closeup of the Petal Power 8i 8 Petal design

For the Petal Power 8i 8 Petal design, I used two overlapping zigzag stitch fills. They are both evenly spaced. I then applied a wave fill effect.

Closeup of the Petal Power 8i 9 Petal design

For the Petal Power 8i 9 Petal design, I used a single zigzag stitch fill with a wave effect applied to it.

Closeup of the Petal Power 8i 10 Petal design

For the Petal Power 8i 10 Petal design, I used a single zigzag stitch fill with the vertical spacing less than the size of the zigzag.

Zigzags can also be pieced into quilts. The Jelly Roll Zig Zag Quilt can be created using a jelly roll (precut strips, each 2.5″ wide). So many possibilities for fun with color!

Jelly Roll Zig Zag Quilt by Sarah Vedeler Designs

Stitched on a BERNINA 830
featuring AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 weight thread
and fabric from the Transformation collection by Sarah Vedeler for Benartex

Click here to download the free pattern to make this quilt!

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Thanks so much for joining me on this A to Z through the world of machine embroidery and appliqué!


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      My daughters and I went on a “no technology” vacation – I enjoyed it so much we’re going to do it much more often!
      Up in the top right corner of every page you will see a heading for “Categories”. Click on “A to Z” right under this heading and you’ll be able to access all the days 🙂

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