A Glimpse into My New Studio

A month ago (July 20 to be precise) I moved out of my studio of the last three years and home of the last 18 months, and into a large house that can accommodate both home and work space. It’s finally at a point where (some) work can be done, but it’s still got a VERY long way to go before everything is in full working order. I thought you might like a peek at what the new space looks like!

My new studio space consists of 2 main rooms, a loft area…

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

and a bedroom…

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

When we moved in, the walls were a dusky blue/grey color which I was not in love with. Thanks to my friends Lori and Tom at Frisbie Paint, they are now a beautiful bright white which makes the space look so much more open and inviting.

The loft area will be where most of the designing takes place along with cutting and sewing…

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

I love the wooden floor and the beautiful light which comes in from the south facing windows. The cutting table is not exactly ready for cutting – it and my desk are covered in stuff that needs to be put away, somewhere! 3 plastic tubs full of miscellaneous “stuff” also need to be emptied.

The bedroom is embroidery heaven!

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

This room gets light from the south, east and west so it’s going to be a great room to work in. I’m not so keen on the carpet (thread clogged vacuum cleaner?) but I love that I can shut the door when I’m done working and forget that work exists (ha ha!!!)

Despite the size of this house, there isn’t a whole lot of storage space…

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

so at the moment, the bathroom off the embroidery room is housing a LOT of boxes that need to be unpacked. The big question is… where is everything going to go???

The studio is upstairs (I am very grateful to Tim and Kelly from Able Movers who did an amazing job getting some very heavy furniture up the spiral staircase) and looks down on what is supposed to be the formal living/dining room…

Sarah Vedeler Designs Studio

At the moment, this is where all of my quilts and other smaller projects are residing, waiting patiently to be hung or otherwise displayed. If only I could find the brackets for the curtain rods I use to hang them on! I have a glimmer of an idea of what I’d like to see finding its way into this space… leave me a comment if you think you know what I’m thinking of 🙂





  1. Sarah, it looks like a great space! It will soon be exactly what you want it to be. Don’t be discouraged! You’ll move things around several times before it’s perfect. I just moved about a year ago and finally had a place for all my “stuff” I moved things around until I found what worked for me. You’ll get there! Happy days are ahead!

  2. Christine Drygas

    First – congratulations on getting a house/work space. Feels like this was a long time coming. I’m not sure what your thinking, but if it were me I would want to put up tables and cork board to lay out my quilts and design my projects so I could visualize them. Also from that angle I could take pictures of the things I was creating and really see if it worked. Whatever you decide – good luck and I am rooting for you😃

  3. I also have carpet in my sewing room. I have a large (8-9 inch) masking tape roller with a long handle that works great to get the threads off the carpet before I vacuum. I can get you the name in a week if you would like. I order the replacement rollers by the dozen. This might be useful for you also.

  4. What an undertaking!! Especially happening all during summer travels with the girls!!! It will be beautiful, Sarah… And will allow you to have a home base with your girls too. They continue to ” need” us through their teens!
    Is a long arm trying to sneak into your room?

  5. Sarah, I am so envious of your new workshop – looks like you will have many happy and productive hours in those rooms, and I wish you all the best. By the way, I use a long-handled long sticky roller (from the pet shop) to get all of the carpet threads, and it works like a charm. Saves the vacuum!

  6. You are missing the most important thing………….a loving golden retriever! Mine, Strider, is my best friend and with me all the time.

  7. I am thinking a nice quilting machine would fit perfect in that beautiful space, yep I can see that right away, your home is beautiful. enjoy and GOD bless.

  8. Georgianne Thomas

    I use the same type of sticky roller. It is also great for retrieving small items off the floor. You will need office chair pads under your sewing chairs. Chairs don’t slide well on carpet but the carpet feels so good on tired feet! I know you will enjoy the extra space.

  9. Wonderful space! It looks like you have everything you need except a long arm machine. That empty spot looks to be just the right size.

  10. What a great new space! Enjoy the set up and convenience of having your office and home together.

  11. I am thinking a quilting machine!!!

  12. Beautiful! Sent extra energy your way for the unpacking, etc. and getting back to creating new, beautiful embroideries!

  13. Miranda Flinders

    Your workspace is a dream come true!!! I also think your new helper (your daughter) is as cute as can be.
    I am in Gilbert and keep thinking you are so close that maybe you would do something here!!!

  14. Joyce Strassburg

    GORGEOUS!!! I am SO happy for you. My husband calls me “the neat freak,” but anyone who has seen my sewing room(s) would not agree. It will be lovely to have everything in its place, and I am thrilled for you that you have found such a fabulous place for your workspace. If anyone deserves it, you do.

  15. Your space is lovely. We built a home 7 years ago and the two back bedrooms are dedicated to my sewing and computer. It is great. As a former realtor I couldn’t eliminate the wall, but I’m not complaining. Bath is right across the hall, same as yours. It will get better. I had my two closets fitted with shelving & it has been perfect.

  16. Rebecca Vaillancourt

    I am happy for your new studio. I myself will be moving out of state and am afraid of losing my sewing room. My sewing room is my slice and I try to tell my husband that. But he doesn’t understand

  17. I love your new space. I too have changed my sewing room around It has been 3 weeks and I am still waiting for cabinets to put stuff in. I had every thing in two rooms. Both rooms were a mess all the time. So I bit the bullet and combined into one. I can shut the door on one room and not feel bad about how messy it is. It all takes time. Love your designs. Carol in Nevada

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