K is for Kit

A to Z of Machine Embroidery and Appliqué

K is for KitKits can be a lifesaver:

  • If you’re short on time and see a project that you love
  • If you don’t have “color sense” and the thought of choosing your own fabrics and threads fills you with fear
  • If you live in the middle of nowhere and you want to know for sure that everything will work together.

Having said that, some people wouldn’t use a kit even if you paid them to! Choosing colors, fabrics and threads is part of their joy of creating.

Star Of Devin FrontWhere do you stand on the love kits/hate kits spectrum? Let me know by filling out this simple form and I’ll send you a copy of the Star of Devin pattern. The Star of Devin quilt is perfect for celebrating Independence Day and everything else patriotic. You might not have time to make one for tomorrow, but for sure by next year!

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Daily Deal Extra!

Did you know that I love Love LOVE AURIfil thread? I’m so happy to tell you that my AURIfil go-to friend Donna from Follow That Thread is partnering with me to give you a great deal on my AURIfil thread kits – all 5 of them! Stock up on some gorgeous thread that you can use for all your machine embroidery, quilting and piecing.

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Each of my AURIfil thread kits contains 12 spools of AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 weight thread. 1 spool of this thread typically costs $12.95. That would put 12 spools at $155.40. Donna’s kit price is usually $129.95. That by itself is like getting 12 spools for the price of 10. She’s got a Daily Deal Extra for A to Z participants: Each thread kit is $112.00 from 12:01am on July 3, 2017 until 11:59pm on July 5, 2017

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What I love about this collection… Stars are such simple shapes, but they can be so very gorgeous. They’re perfect for graduations, anything patriotic, Christmas, and much more.

Add embroidered appliqué stars from the Stars Collection to your Star of Devin quilt to take it from ordinary to being a work of art.

Star of Devin

Star of Devin
Stitched on a BERNINA 830
featuring AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 wt thread

Star of Devin

Star of Devin
Stitched on a BERNINA 830
featuring AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 wt thread

Patriotic Stars 2

Patriotic Stars 2
Stitched on a BERNINA 830
featuring AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 wt thread


  1. Thank you for leaving so many tips. I thought I knew a lot about quilting and embroidering. But every day I log in you have one idea that I had not thought about.

  2. Marilyn Garcia

    I LOVE LONG JUMP STITCHES! They are so much easier to trim and pull ends to back of embroidery designs.

  3. Beautiful

  4. My youngest grandson’s name is Devin so I knew I had to have this lovely pattern. Thanks for offering it for free. As for kits, my only real problem with them is that I rarely ever make them up right away so down the road if I have a problem, the fabric is no longer available.

  5. I’ve been known to buy a kit just to get the fabrjc. Many times a qut shop runs out of the yardage and just has kits.

  6. To elaborate, I am confident choosing fabrics for my projects, but when choosing 3 or 4 thread colors for the perfect shaded embroidered design, especially shaded designs like a rose, my confidence fails me!

  7. I am “color challenged” and I’ve used kits before. It’s helpful to get a sense of colors that work beautifully together.

  8. This is a gorgeous Americana quilt.

  9. My problem with kits is that the have exactly the amount of fabric you need. It would be nice to have a little room for errors.

  10. stunning workmanship

  11. Love kits!

  12. Its good to know that I am not the only one who would like a little extra fabric for my errors.

  13. Sometimes you are in the mood for a new project or need to make a gift and don’t have the time to gather up every fabric needed, then a kit is exactly the right thing.

  14. I would purchase the stars if I only had to pay for the design sizes that I can stitch on my machine.

  15. Kits are great but as the others say a little extra would be fabulous for beginners making errors
    Thank you for today’s news loving this

  16. Kits are quick and easy to complete!

  17. Karen Williams

    I like the convenience of pre-cut applique projects/ quilt kits, but often find I like different colors/ combinations, so something in the kit winds up in my stash & I end up buying replacements for whatever parts don’t work for me.

  18. It is a beautiful collection. One of the first that I purchased.

  19. Diane Juskelis

    I like to buy kits if I like the fabrics in them – I find it often saves me money and time to buy a kit. I have found that you need to verify all the fabric is in the kit- I have found fabric missing or not the right amount. Laser cut appliqués are great. Plus I don’t wind up with a lot of fabric yardage that I may never use again.

  20. Interesting I’ve not really thought about kits.. I like choosing my own colours but I guess I migh be tempted if I really love the design.

  21. I’ve used the Stars collection to make a Quilt of Valor and have quite a few stars stitched out for another QOV.

  22. Very Beautiful.

  23. Kimberli Burnett

    I love your embroidery designs and have almost all of them! I especially love your Transformation Quilting Designs and hope you sell more of these kind of designs.

  24. I might use a kit but guaranteed it will be modified. I have yet to make anyone’s exact pattern and for sure make changes in color and value. I am a free spirit when it comes to color and value choices.

  25. What makes me most likely to buy a kit is the need for small amount of many different fabrics–if I need just a three-inch strip of many different fabrics, it can be expensive to buy all the 1/8- or 1/4-yard minimum cuts from a store, and a specialty fabrics like dupioni silk are usually available in only a limited number of colors at a local fabric store. And sometimes the kit components are just irresistibly gorgeous, like those for the “Sparkle” collection, for example.

  26. Mary Lou Nevin

    I love this quilt. I also have the die cuts for the stars so now I can use them.

  27. Thank you Sarah! I love the Star of Devin!

  28. I really like kits as usually I am attracted to the pattern by the colours in the example. I find I can always add a little of my own colour somewhere, but know that I will like the end result.

  29. Kits and Aurifil thread. What a great combination!! I am such a fan of Aurifil thread. I’ve used the Mako 50 wgt. for my piecing, quilting, and general sewing for many years and now also use it for embroidery as well, thanks to you Sarah.

  30. Thank You Sometimes I buy kits sometimes I want to pick my fabrics.

  31. Kits can sometimes be cheaper especially if some of the colours needed are smaller than 20cm or a fat quarter also can save time searching for the right shade if they come in the colour you want.

  32. lovely designs, kits are usually not in my color favorites so I rarely buy kits…I wish I had more of your designs as I was introduced to them in the floral table runner in a magazine.

  33. These are all so tempting. I rarely buy kits, but have for special novelty quilts. The matching thread kit would depend of if I didn’t already have most of the colors or at least close enough.

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