The Origins of the Abundance Collection Motif

The motif that turned into the foundation for the Abundance Collection emerged from an hour spent sitting on my balcony coloring one Saturday morning.

I am intrigued by the Flower of Life design and the Sacred Geometry behind it. The Flower of Life design starts out with a circle in the center. This circle is then duplicated to create a second identical circle which is placed with it’s center anywhere on the circumference of the first circle. The second circle is duplicated and rotated around the center of the first circle by 60 degrees. Repeat this until there are 6 circles surrounding the first circle, each with it’s center on the circumference of the first circle, 60 degrees apart.

Flower of Life Center


I love to play with variations of this design and created the following:

Flower of Life Variation


After spending a good amount of time looking at this, I applied a bit of “magic” to it to create this:

The Abundance Motif

Then came the coloring session – sitting with the line drawing and a box of colored pencils to create, amongst a dozen other variations, this:

The Abundance Collection Original Design


Then into CorelDraw to eliminate the unwanted lines and do some coloring with the computer:

The Abundance Collection Original Design


Can you see the Abundance Collection motif sitting in the center?

Why Abundance? I showed this design to a friend of mine and the first thing she said to me was “That looks like a sheaf of corn. Did you know that corn is a symbol of abundance in some cultures?” I had not heard that before but I decided that this would become my symbol for Abundance – not just financial abundance, but abundance of all the Good in life – Love, Laughter, Joy, Happiness. It is my hope that you will find an abundance of Good in your life by working with the designs in this collection.