Go! Bloom Design Collection

Go! Bloom Collection Brings Spring to Your Home Year Round

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The Go! Bloom Design Collection was my encore to the Go! Be Dazzled Design Collection, but on a smaller scale. This design is a whole cloth embroidered appliqué quilt, with piecing only in the outside border. This was the first quilt I made where all the embroidery designs were stitched onto one piece of fabric. No piecing together of multiple sections with this quilt.

Throw it over the back of a sofa. Or use as a table topper/decoration. And then accent with the two different-sized pillows.

Or, use your imagination. I’ve seen a queen-sized quilt made from this design collection by adding the small square designs (from the pillows) to each of the ends. Or stitch the individual designs onto greeting cards, purses, totes, jeans pockets, tea towels, or whatever else you can think of!

Go! Bloom Pillows 3 & 4: 15” x 15”GO! Bloom design collection digital download – $45 (Optional CD available at checkout.)

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  • 15 embroidery designs
  • Designs include daisies, flowers, tulips and motifs
  • Detailed instructions to make the quilt and 4 different pillows, showing you how to place each design exactly where it needs to be
  • Templates for all applique shapes

Sizing Info:

  • Go! Bloom Quilt: 40” x 40”
  • Go! Bloom Pillows 1 & 2: 17” x 17”

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